About The Little Local

The Little Local. The van as she looked pre-renovations.
The Little Local. The van as she looked pre-renovations.

A small van – big ideas

I recently purchased a 1960s caravan with bags of personality and plenty of potential. She is part mobile studio, part teeny-tiny home, part writing project called ‘The Little Local’.

That’s me… a little country girl turned urban dweller with big ol’ dreams. Sometimes a ‘calling’ nibbles away at you for so long you simply can’t ignore it.  Mine just happens to be a big beast on wheels.

The aim? To make my way around Australia, visiting eclectic small towns, meeting local characters and exploring the little gems that make Oz an eclectic wonderland. I’m talking about glorious finds you don’t read about in a travel book. The type of tips shared by the old man on the corner… once you’ve shared a cuppa or five and heard his colourful life story.

First stop: South Australia.

I grew up in rural SA, pulling teats as a shy farmer’s daughter so it makes sense that SA will be our first wheel spinning stomping ground. I’m not so quiet these days so when wheels puncture or we get lost (I once followed a GPS down a sandy beach track so far I bottomed out on prickly scrub) it’ll be vented. Right here. That’s all part of the ‘journey’ right?

Friends, family and crazy characters will make guest appearances along the way. More on that later. My parents say I’ve always had a thing for collecting strays. Stray humans that is. They’re a glorious bunch of nutbags and make for an entertaining cast in the patchwork that is my life. Their adventures as passengers in the van will be as entertaining as the folk we meet along the way. There will be magic and mayhem around every dusty corner.

As for the transformation of van from hazy shade of Smurf blue to beautiful shade of TBC. That’ll make up the first few digital scrawl fests in this here blog. I’m new to all this van shenanigans so we’ll learn (the hard way) as we go. One thing’s for sure, the transition from dusty old caravan to wonderland on wheels will be a bright one… I’m a bowerbird and I like it bright and head-turning.

You know, that bird Dorothy thought she had it all worked out with her ruby slippers, wicker basket, cute frock and fluff ball Toto… we’ll bring more sparkle, vintage kicks and sparkle to rural Australia than her and Priscilla Queen of the Desert put together.

See you soon SA.

The Little Local xx


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